Last night was the finale "Scream After Dark" special, my little after show mini series for MTV's "Scream". This came about in the weirdest way, by which I mean my agents called me one day which I usually assume means I'm getting dropped, but they were actually calling with good news about hosting an after show for MTV, and not just MTV but "Scream". 

I've always been a big "Scream" fan and a few years ago they started staffing the first season of the TV series and I went in on a few interviews about writing on it. It was the closest I had gotten to staff writing on a scripted show and not just a scripted show but one I was actually interested in so I was so, so, so excited. And I really thought it was going to happen. It felt like it would, in that way that things sometimes actually feel right and you feel less like you've just conned a room full of people into thinking you can do something you have zero idea how to do (a feeling I have 99% of the time). 

Then it didn't happen. A few days before Christmas (why is it always right before Christmas?) they called to say it wasn't moving forward and I was DEVASTATED. And furious. And inevitably, a Dickensian level of depressed. Which, at the very least, worked for that time of year. So then, cut to almost two years later, when they call and offer me a gig hosting their after show it was a nice moment of disappointment leading to something better. It literally combined everything I wanted: to be a part of the "Scream" universe, to feel like Andy Cohen, and to make money. 

It's been a cool summer of feeling a tiny bit more special that I was on TV again and not just on TV but doing something I felt genuinely proud of. So I'm going to try and hold onto this as a reminder that sometimes when shit is falling apart, it's only leading to something so much better. SOMETIMES Oprah isn't just gorgeously infuriating, sometimes she is right.